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Avatar is Coming!!!!

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Regardless if you are into Disney or not. James Cameron’s remarkable film that he dreamed of making back in 1995 is coming to Animal Kingdom park in Orlando Florida. Ground broke on this project about three years ago with very little information released. Now with it finally opening to travelers in Summer 2017. We have finally got some insight on what we will discover entering this majestic world. Joe Rhodes from WDI said that the complete world from ride systems to foliage is completely custom built integrating brand new technology. We have two attractions coming with the world. A river flume ride titled Na’vi River Journey and Avatar: Flight of Passage. Flight of passage is a simulation ride that uses similar technology that is in Soarin Around the World (formally Soarin over California) Where you will ride on the Mountain Banshee and soar through Pandora. Most of my attention has been on the River Journey. This is supposed to immerse you deeply into the tropics of pandora with 3D projections and absolutely stunning audio animatronics. WDI released A teaser of one of the animatronics featured in this ride and i still cannot believe it. (First Look Animatronic Video) This is a huge advancement for WDI and gives us a promising future on how far they can bring these animated characters into the real world.


Attached below are some first look photos at some major points of the world. This is a very exciting year for Disney Parks. Lots of hard work and dedication is going in to making our experiences even more magical. We will be staying on top of the Pandora as it races to its completion date in Summer of 2017.



(Concept of Floating Mountains)


(Land Model)


(Concept of Na’vi River Attraction)


(Pandora Land Model)


(Satu’li Canteen)




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